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Yemeni Restaurants in Abu Dhabi: How To Pick The Best One?

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Yemeni Restaurants in Abu Dhabi: How To Pick The Best One?

Yemeni Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

The food culture in UAE is very unique. It hosts a variety of dishes from many nationalities, and from among them, middle-eastern cuisines play a special role here in Abu Dhabi. Among them, Yemeni cuisine boasts a vast array of dishes beloved all over the world. We have many Yemeni restaurants in Abu Dhabi featuring these dishes, yet, for the same reason, it’s hard to choose the best one to dine at.

Here are a few things to look for in a restaurant to have an enjoyable time there.


If you’re not familiar with Yemeni cuisine, you may not be able to tell the difference between a traditionally cooked dish versus a dish hastily made. Unfortunately, many restaurants are straying away from the traditional methods. They’re improvising on the technique & recipes used to cut down on cost & compete at a lower cost to appeal to more customers. This results in sub-par or tasteless dishes that taste very different from a traditionally cooked dish.

A good restaurant will stay true to the traditional techniques and recipes to let the customer experience the authentic taste of what Yemeni cuisine has to offer.

Reasonable Prices

Numerous studies describe the link between price & customer satisfaction. Being able to enjoy good food at reasonable prices is an expectation every customer looks forward to & restaurants should be able to deliver on it.

Welcoming Atmosphere

While pricing plays a big role in customer satisfaction, the ambiance, atmosphere & hospitality offered at the restaurant are also taken into consideration. The restaurant should commit to delivering outstanding service to every guest, whether they are dining in, taking food away, or having food delivered to them.

Maintaining Customer Wellbeing

Being attentive to a customer’s needs is key. If they have special needs or allergies, the restaurant must be able to cater to their best interests as well. This requires the staff to be well-versed in the menu and what’s offered as part of the dishes they serve, down to the ingredients and the method of preparation. This will not only reassure the guest but will also help tailor their meals as per their needs.

“Ensuring every guest feels welcome is key to building a remarkable dining experience.”

Picking one restaurant from the rest that has the above qualities can be a daunting task. A way to simplify this task is to look for restaurants that have a good reputation here in Abu Dhabi. Restaurants like Al Mandi & Al Madhbi House have been serving the local community for decades, with multiple branches. It’s hard for a restaurant to expand to multiple locations without the support of its customers.

We hope this article makes it easier for you to filter through the many Yemeni Restaurants in Abu Dhabi, and make the right pick for your next meal.


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