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Fish Meals

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  • Farsh Tanoor

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    Grilled in Tanour oven, marinated Farsh fish with Arabic spices, served with Mandi rice
  • Hamour Fillet prepared with herbs and special spices, served with Mandi rice
  • Jasheed

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    Fresh local baby shark marinated with Emirati spices and aromatic herbs with lemon, served with white rice and Arabic ghee
  • Fresh king fish, prepared with spices in Emarati style, aromatic herbs and golden rice, served with tomato sauce and yogurt
  • Lobster

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    Al Mandi House special fresh big Lobster stuffed with grilled shrimps, topped with mozzarella cheese, cooked with herbs, spices and white sauce
  • Emirati Majboos shrimps, served with Majboos rice, tomato sauce and yogurt
  • Fresh local Sea Bream fish marinated & grilled with Arabic spices and lemon, served with delicious Mandi rice
  • Grilled Fish Seabass, with your selection of (special sauce or with Arabic spices and lemon), served with Mandi rice