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Chicken Meals

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  • Chicken marinated with special spices, golden rice and herbs prepared in the original way and served with tomato sauce and yogurt
  • Half chicken marinated with Kabsa spices, cooked in the traditional way and served with kabsa rice
  • Slow cooked style, Half chicken madfoon marinated with fresh vegetables, in a pressure pot, served with Mandi rice
  • Cooked in a pressure pot with special spices Half Madghoot Chicken, served with Madghoot rice.
  • Half chicken madhbi with Yemeni spices, charcoal grilled and served with Mandi rice
  • Gulf style Majboos chicken, served with tomato sauce, yogurt and Majboos rice.
  • Traditional way of cooking on the Mandi brick oven, half marinated chicken served with Mandi rice
  • In special pot, preping of half Zurbiyan chicken marinated with aromatic herbs and saffron, served with delicious Zurbiyan rice.